Monday, February 22, 2010

R.I.P Mozart&Aloysia

i brought Mozart and Aloysia home on valentines day... A friend of mine told me that they will die soon because of my extreme love and care. am very VERY upset for not having them around me anymore....R.I.P

Friday, February 12, 2010

dec '09-Dhaka

whoa am back after a while...apologies to those who did visit my blog! hope everyone had a good break and good start to the new year. I went back home during the christmas break. It was short but i had a great time with my love, cousins, relatives and ofcourse ShOppinG back in dhaka. I wanted to re-visit a lot of places but due to lack of time i was stuck in gulshan mostly. For those who does not know; gulshan is the posher part of the town with better security- luxurious residential zones, designer boutiques, restaurants starting from korean, maxican to italian, hotels such as radisson, westin and blah blahh blahhh around! On the day before my flight back to NewYork i managed to visit the Palace of Sashi Kant and i think it was a perfect end to my short trip and the year '09. The history and architecture of the palace was very inspirational...

Heres some of the moments i captured through my lens...EnjoY!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I recently came across to know about Frank Warrens Postsecret. ahh what an interesting concept! People makes their own postcards and mail in their secret anonymously which gets posted in postsecret sites, books and in the museam. i love reading the postcards. This is so true that theres a lot within us that we can never imagine ourself confronting but through postsecret atleast you can confess or reveal the unspoken truth. I am totally in LOVE with postsecret. I think this is Great!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I had tons of fun on Halloween this year. The best part was I got to dress my nephews up! They looked completely adorable!!! It was really fun taking them out for trick or treating. we also arranged a small party for kids at home. Thanks to Sarah and Fariha for showing up with all the devils, and angels! They were the cutest. Eshan enjoyed a lot and Ayaan was so happy that he acted as if he never had candies before. All hyped up till 1:00am in the morning after having 3mini snickers, 2godiva, m&m's, few twizzlers and his fav lollypops!:P

Friday, October 30, 2009


Glimpes from the THEODORA collection- Shundori Komola

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am COMPLETELY in love with Souen! Not a fancy one but very tiny & cozy cafe located in Soho and Union sq, NY. Starting from the design of the cafe to the processing of the food is ALL natural and organic. i LOVED the Mu-tea, Yasai Itame (vegetable with lotus root in sesame), and naturally sweeten chocolate cake. am totally going back to get some more quality food at Souen next week again!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I stared up at the sky with rain pouring over me. I stood still amazed for a while, how beautiful it is when the nature cries? I closed my eyes took a deep breath and let the rain drenched to my veins my soul and my spirit. No matter what I went through, no matter how complicated the real world is... I realized, life is still beautiful as it is! With teary eyes today, I whispered and thank my mom for bringing me to this world... I wish you were here i wish i could have shared a lot that is still unspoken... I miss you Ma, i really do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

bundle of joy

A wonderful gift, so precious and sweet. Our hearts are full, our lives complete....Meet my nephews Ayaan Kazi and Rehan Arsh Kazi! Ayaan is 20 months old and ready to go for school by next week already!!! We are amazed to see how talented he is in terms of communicating with people at this age. Arsh was born on the 5th of this month and we are still waiting for him to come home from his grandma's place completing the 40 days traditional ritual that we practice. ohh my shweethearts my world revolves around them!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spice Market

Fariha and i both enjoyed the (so called) street food of southeast asia in the meat packing district on my birthday! love how the place is organized. Heavy traffic yet great circulation of the people. the space was getting natural light from both side of the building and the dimmed light from the center created the space soothing and welcoming.... and of course the food was great!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Am back!

Hope you all have been well and enjoying the last days of summer. it sure has been awhile since the last post. life isn't all roses all the time, been thru a lot past months but really looking forward to something better now. Few updates on me- its exciting being in the final thesis year at pratt. Am super excited for my proposal to the project Designing a residential nursing community for cancer patients. It sure will be a very emotional project due to all my family history and i already have a feeling to give the project my best effort. which is great! Shundori komola has been moving well alhumdulillah. am just waiting for my next trip to dhaka and india for more resources and shundori komola will introduce its own clothing line and more varities of jewelry collections! Ayaan my baby nephew is just driving us nuts acting pretty wild these days. & Yes we are expecting another monkey in the house end of this month inshaAllah. so can you really imagine? phew~

Friday, July 17, 2009

Colors of life

I am simply in love with this piece!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shundori Komola on ETSY!

Hello bloggers,
Am back after a longggg time. Shundori Komola is finally up on Etsy. Please check out the items and PLEASE give me your feedback. Am currently working on a set of silver collection. So yeah More to come... keep browsing my etsy shop to be updated.

Am offering an opening compliment to all the bloggers. Spread the word and if you are interested in any of the items convo me with 0729 # to get a FREE shipping with your purchase. Thanks for even taking a look. As i mentioned i love designing any and everything, Shundori Komola will be producing more creative and innovative work in coming days inshaAllah.

For questions regarding the products you can contact me at Have a wonderful summer... Be fun and look pretty<3

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


whether the weather is hot or too hot, Everyone wants to look at their best during the season. Am absolutely going to follow Lacefita's headbands thru out the summer to add vibrant colors to my summer palette. My best friend Fariha makes these unique and stylish handcrafted feather headbands and the prices are much reasonable then you actually can find anywhere else. checkout lacefita's etsy shop, more items will be introduce soon as she stated.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


African tribal inspired the "kanzi" collection! it has a very artistic look and personally i LOVE this piece a lot. i used beetle nuts from goa with chinese tiger eye and yellow jade perfect for '09 chunky trend!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

summer 09

Some update on me-
i'v been really busy with summer classes and YES Shundori komola logo issue has been resolved!!! It is indeed taking me ages to pull everything together. thanks to Tanzid for guiding me thru and making it so hard:S as he said "NO RUSH & BE A PERFECTIONIST!". He is a great businessman and running one of the leading company in dhaka and in other parts of the world FYI!
Anyways, heres few shots from past weekends. i had good time in brooklyn and my friend Akeem did a great job capturing it! back in ::STUDY MODE::

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Room with a new Wallpaper

Being part of a design school i LOVE designing any and everything. altho for Pratt student INTERIOR design is not all about cozy chairs, pretty curtains or classy wallpapers. its more like designing the space in terms of the circulation, building construction, function, logic...blah blah blah. i always have affection of ascending my tiny talent, giving my projects a fusion effects whether its about designing a space? decorating? or even jewelry! 
For my room wall treatment I decided to use old newspapers instead of using benjamin moore or any luxurious expensive wallpaper. I kind of freaked my family out but hey Old newspapers are not only to wrap your fragile belonging while moving out... you can use it for so much more! it was a great way of recycling and at the same time great graphics & effects as you can see the pictures above! i LOVE it! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Golden Collection

Pearlie love

What can be classier than Pearls?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

soon SoOn SOON!

SO finally am almost ready to get started with my itsy-bitsy boutique Shundori Komola. the products will be up on Facebook and Etsy shop within few days....YeYy! 
Shundori komola is a registered boutique which eventually will introduce its own clothing line in upcoming months. Currently we dont have a showroom and our website is under construction. The Jewelry collection is 100% handcrafted and unique inspired by nature, culture-tradition, urban life & chocolate spice...
Our aim is to produce unique collections for the ppl who doesn't support the concept of mass production. So guys if you want to look unique keep browsing Shundori Komola.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its gettin hot in here...♫♫

The weather was GREAT! My babies (thats ayaan & my camera FYI) enjoyed our good 1 hour walk to the beach today... thanks to my brother. it was really more like simmering down my mind then just a walk.... which i needed! 

Monday, May 25, 2009

ohh sho random

Today, I had good time with my cousin Sonia who came to visit us from PA . All day we chilled with Ayaan and Eshan (my baby nephews).... Ayaan is a little 15 months old monkey in the house who apparently has the most interest getting in my room and destroy all my stuffs. I saw him chewing my hair clip which i just got yesterday from the mall!:S i knew whats coming next so without thinking i grabbed the clip from his mouth and setted on my hair. Boosted my face with some moisturizer and dipped my fingers into one of the paint eyeshadow, added some Kajol(eyeliner) on my eyes, grabbed the camera and looked at my cousin Sonia...haha. she knew her job... and i think she did a great job! =)