Friday, September 4, 2009

Am back!

Hope you all have been well and enjoying the last days of summer. it sure has been awhile since the last post. life isn't all roses all the time, been thru a lot past months but really looking forward to something better now. Few updates on me- its exciting being in the final thesis year at pratt. Am super excited for my proposal to the project Designing a residential nursing community for cancer patients. It sure will be a very emotional project due to all my family history and i already have a feeling to give the project my best effort. which is great! Shundori komola has been moving well alhumdulillah. am just waiting for my next trip to dhaka and india for more resources and shundori komola will introduce its own clothing line and more varities of jewelry collections! Ayaan my baby nephew is just driving us nuts acting pretty wild these days. & Yes we are expecting another monkey in the house end of this month inshaAllah. so can you really imagine? phew~

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