Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shundori Komola on ETSY!

Hello bloggers,
Am back after a longggg time. Shundori Komola is finally up on Etsy. Please check out the items and PLEASE give me your feedback. Am currently working on a set of silver collection. So yeah More to come... keep browsing my etsy shop to be updated.

Am offering an opening compliment to all the bloggers. Spread the word and if you are interested in any of the items convo me with 0729 # to get a FREE shipping with your purchase. Thanks for even taking a look. As i mentioned i love designing any and everything, Shundori Komola will be producing more creative and innovative work in coming days inshaAllah.

For questions regarding the products you can contact me at info@shundorikomola.com. Have a wonderful summer... Be fun and look pretty<3

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