Saturday, May 30, 2009

soon SoOn SOON!

SO finally am almost ready to get started with my itsy-bitsy boutique Shundori Komola. the products will be up on Facebook and Etsy shop within few days....YeYy! 
Shundori komola is a registered boutique which eventually will introduce its own clothing line in upcoming months. Currently we dont have a showroom and our website is under construction. The Jewelry collection is 100% handcrafted and unique inspired by nature, culture-tradition, urban life & chocolate spice...
Our aim is to produce unique collections for the ppl who doesn't support the concept of mass production. So guys if you want to look unique keep browsing Shundori Komola.....


  1. wow! a fellow Bangladeshi! i was just randomly browsing blogs and the title caught my attention!! very cool pics!

  2. haha thanks. i loved your work! you should be hearing from me on etsy soon!:p