Monday, February 22, 2010

R.I.P Mozart&Aloysia

i brought Mozart and Aloysia home on valentines day... A friend of mine told me that they will die soon because of my extreme love and care. am very VERY upset for not having them around me anymore....R.I.P

Friday, February 12, 2010

dec '09-Dhaka

whoa am back after a while...apologies to those who did visit my blog! hope everyone had a good break and good start to the new year. I went back home during the christmas break. It was short but i had a great time with my love, cousins, relatives and ofcourse ShOppinG back in dhaka. I wanted to re-visit a lot of places but due to lack of time i was stuck in gulshan mostly. For those who does not know; gulshan is the posher part of the town with better security- luxurious residential zones, designer boutiques, restaurants starting from korean, maxican to italian, hotels such as radisson, westin and blah blahh blahhh around! On the day before my flight back to NewYork i managed to visit the Palace of Sashi Kant and i think it was a perfect end to my short trip and the year '09. The history and architecture of the palace was very inspirational...

Heres some of the moments i captured through my lens...EnjoY!