Monday, May 25, 2009

ohh sho random

Today, I had good time with my cousin Sonia who came to visit us from PA . All day we chilled with Ayaan and Eshan (my baby nephews).... Ayaan is a little 15 months old monkey in the house who apparently has the most interest getting in my room and destroy all my stuffs. I saw him chewing my hair clip which i just got yesterday from the mall!:S i knew whats coming next so without thinking i grabbed the clip from his mouth and setted on my hair. Boosted my face with some moisturizer and dipped my fingers into one of the paint eyeshadow, added some Kajol(eyeliner) on my eyes, grabbed the camera and looked at my cousin Sonia...haha. she knew her job... and i think she did a great job! =)

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