Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I recently came across to know about Frank Warrens Postsecret. ahh what an interesting concept! People makes their own postcards and mail in their secret anonymously which gets posted in postsecret sites, books and in the museam. i love reading the postcards. This is so true that theres a lot within us that we can never imagine ourself confronting but through postsecret atleast you can confess or reveal the unspoken truth. I am totally in LOVE with postsecret. I think this is Great!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I had tons of fun on Halloween this year. The best part was I got to dress my nephews up! They looked completely adorable!!! It was really fun taking them out for trick or treating. we also arranged a small party for kids at home. Thanks to Sarah and Fariha for showing up with all the devils, and angels! They were the cutest. Eshan enjoyed a lot and Ayaan was so happy that he acted as if he never had candies before. All hyped up till 1:00am in the morning after having 3mini snickers, 2godiva, m&m's, few twizzlers and his fav lollypops!:P