Thursday, June 4, 2009

Room with a new Wallpaper

Being part of a design school i LOVE designing any and everything. altho for Pratt student INTERIOR design is not all about cozy chairs, pretty curtains or classy wallpapers. its more like designing the space in terms of the circulation, building construction, function, logic...blah blah blah. i always have affection of ascending my tiny talent, giving my projects a fusion effects whether its about designing a space? decorating? or even jewelry! 
For my room wall treatment I decided to use old newspapers instead of using benjamin moore or any luxurious expensive wallpaper. I kind of freaked my family out but hey Old newspapers are not only to wrap your fragile belonging while moving out... you can use it for so much more! it was a great way of recycling and at the same time great graphics & effects as you can see the pictures above! i LOVE it! 


  1. hmm dis is a remarkable idea! actually just wat my cousin will hav been lookin fr to make her room more inventive..
    wow shes gonna luv it..thanks a lot pian. a stack of old news papers wud be perfect as her bday gift :P arrite dat sounded weird, newayz i really hope u come up wid more of these roomy ideas...till later.

  2. haha... thanks arian. it looks sick! i love it. and sorry i didnt even get to read what rafee posted.

  3. heyy guess wat? we tried it out on my cousin's wall... looks uniquely ravishing!!! thanx for d idea once again... oh n btw rafee is my other name so no worries abt wat he posted :P